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Robotic Services

Six Axis Solutions offers general robotic including robot repair, training, and preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

At Six Axis Solutions we offer a full on site Preventative Maintenance service. This includes an overall inspection of the robot and equipment. Cleaning of the robot control and welder, new batteries, and a full grease purge with our specialized slow automated pump. Our grease pump is a one off pump that purges the old grease from the bottom of the reducer up and limits the mixing of old and new grease, Thus achieving a full purge for extended service life without over pressurizing the gearbox and causing seals to rupture. We service all makes and models of robot including but not limited to Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, Miller, OTC, Kuka etc. We also offer PM service plans tailored to the use of your robots. Quarterly, or Yearly

Please contact us today to discuss the robotic services you need by email Joe@sixaxissolutions.com or or by phone (330) 980-1676.